14 March 2011

Happy Birthday to me ?

Alhamdulillah thankyou Allah...for me, time flies so fast nowdays right.haha.yess im a cute baby march people.;p.21(*20 also can) years ago i was born happily in this wonderful life.in a small family at that time.me say first hello to mum,dad and cool brother on 8march 1990, early in the morning at Jengka10, Pahang.waa manyak tua la lu sikalang...jealous sound ! wink winkk.haha

This year, without any celebration i still touched by the memory of all those.haha for sure BIG thanks to facebook ! the safe reminder for all..for mum and dad, surely i really love both of u ! for your love, sacrifices, responsibility towards me and brothers,your money(hehe), and everything..there is nothing that can be replaced with yours.LOVE LOVE LOVE.see ur daughter now growing ! truthly im still their spoiled little girl.hukhuk crying~

dear brothers, hey hey im the okey-dokey nice sister right !! although, i like sulking-sulking all the time and the most pampered child among us, i hope all of u still love me all the time, oke ?! because who else i want to fight without my brothers kan.HAHA

sweetest families and friends, life will be empty, priceless and meaningless even a second.see the huge power in this happy life.thanks for all the wishes, through face-to-face,phone,messaging,fb-ing,twiitter-ing,myspace-ing,frienster-ing and so on..really appreciate it ! LOVE for all ;)

my dearest family !

bro's family

p/s fun will also be feel by the gifts.;p n yess my language is very horrible.teheee.am i cared right~


  1. hepi besday!!!
    moga cepat2 kawen..

  2. hehe thankyou!! wish je, adiah pn perlu tau..
    haha kawen apanya kanak2 lg ni.;p